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Hotel Ariston Imperia

Via Privata Rambaldi 2, 18100 Imperia - Italy
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Imperia and its coast

Known for being the Italian city with the most sunny days a year, Imperia is the ideal place for those looking for a quiet break while enjoying all the comforts; of a city. The Imperia hinterland differs for the proximity of the Maritime Alps chain to the coast, moving a few kilometers you can see incredible views. The presence of characteristic villages, counted among the most beautiful in Italy (Lingueglietta, Cervo, Apricale, Dolceacqua) allow suggestive walks in the countryside; the undoubted artistic value of these areas is accompanied by the enogastronomic discovery of local excellences such as wine and oil. Imperia & egrave; cradle of the Mediterranean diet, also thanks to the mild climate that allows the cultivation of vegetables and fruits throughout the year.


Entertainment in Imperia

The proximity to Nice and Monaco offers further possibilities for tourist excursions. Surrounded by a mountainous area with characteristic villages, you can take a walk in the countryside or visit local producers of Italian specialties such as wine and oil. The city also boasts a variety of restaurants as well as numerous activities to practice, such as scuba diving and whale watching excursions (or whale watching). In the center there are numerous pubs and lounge bars where you can have an excellent aperitif among the attractions of the historic center. Imperia, however, is also a place famous for its numerous discos and clubs located on the beach, open until dawn and with theme parties and sand parties.